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Just received our HMO Card from the company! Thank you! 😜✌️😁👍 (at Arriva Medical Philippines)
Happy happy Birthday to my dear beshy! Since gradeschool you are one of my closest friends. From busmates to teammates. I’m very happy that I have you in my life! I wish you more birthdays to come and goodluck on your career! Love you so much beshy! ❤️😘💋 (at Pajo St. Project 2)
Relaxing inside the training room. ✌️😁😂 #sotd #shoeselfie  (at Arriva Medical Philippines)
New found friends. 😁✌️
Selfie Overload. Bored during training. Haha! #sorrynotsorry #selfieness #selfie #9shots #retrica #breaktime (at Arriva Medical Philippines)
I dedicate my #1000th post to my B Buddy @ohwatlicious 😘✌️😁 Miss you so bad bakla! Kelan tayo magkikita?! Ung totoo! 😭
One more! I really can’t get enough of you Blair! 😘✌️😁❤️👶
Addicted to Baby Blair! 😘❤️😁💋👶
So refreshing! 👍🍹